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Friday, August 26, 2011

Testing the Kroger PAL System

In aisle checkout with Kroger PAL.  We tested extensively the concept of shoppers using devices like this in the retail innovation center.   Providing new kinds of devices in the store is expensive for the retailer.  I think that ultimately we will see shoppers use their own smartphone devices for checkout.  An example of this approach can be seen with Aislebuyer.

" ... Courier subscribers can read more about the PAL here, as well as another checkout system the company is testing here.

I’m probably a good example of the shopper Kroger is targeting with this device. I’m young, moderately tech-savvy and looking for a quick shopping experience. I also have the advantage of having worked at a grocery store throughout high school and college.

Anyway, I visited the Cold Spring Kroger store to pick up a few items and see how Scan-Bag-Go works.
The PAL scanner was easy to use, even in the produce department. Because many produce items are sold by weight, you can’t just scan a banana and know how much it will cost. To solve this dilemma, Kroger installed a number of scales connected to the PAL system throughout the produce department ... "

[Via Jose Guerra]

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