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Monday, August 29, 2011

Junaio Announces New Browser: Augmented World

An interesting press release from Junaio.   Note in particular the ability to use multiple capabilities, beyond the now becoming common QR codes.  As mentioned below, the weakness of this approach is that it works only if there is information on Junaio's  channels.  Critical mass is needed.  Note also the image recognition capability, previously mentioned.  Is this the ultimate replacement for having only QR codes?

"Scan the World" with the new junaio 3.0 Augmented Reality Browser
MUNICH / SAN FRANCISCO, August 29th, 2011 - One year ago, junaio introduced the capability to combine Augmented Reality and image recognition. Today, the just released junaio 3.0 takes this another step forward towards making the "Augmented World" around us come alive in every sense. The new "SCAN" function scans everything: pictures, QR codes and even product barcodes. Hit the "SCAN" button and point you camera at whatever it is you wish to get information on, provided it can be found in one of junaio's channels, databases or connected partner platforms. Scan a painting to get information about the artist; a product barcode to get relevant consumer information or even a 3D user manual; and scan a food item to try a new recipe for a good meal. "We are using the very objects around us as markers to get virtual information", says Peter Meier, metaio's CTO.  Please find a movie of the junaio 3.0 Scan Release here: http://youtu.be/eNjhM7T7DJ4 .....

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