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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jaron Lanier Flips on Wal-Mart, Apple and Google

We met computer scientist Jaron Lanier while doing work with the Institute for the Future.  In the Edge he talks about the local global flip.  Quite a long rant on the effect of corporations leveraging the network, collectivism and advanced computing.   "If you aspire to use computer network power to become a global force through shaping the world instead of acting as a local player in an unfathomably large environment, when you make that global flip, you can no longer play the game of advantaging the design of the world to yourself and expect it to be sustainable. The great difficulty of becoming powerful and getting close to a computer network is: Can people learn to forego the temptations, the heroin-like rewards of being able to reform the world to your own advantage in order to instead make something sustainable?"  

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