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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sands Research on Neuromarketing

Sand's most recent newsletter on neuroscience methods covers a number of interesting papers and articles on the topic.  If you have not read about neuromarketing or have not followed it recently, this is the time to catch up.  As I have mentioned recently many large marketers are involved.   I especially like the note on  Shopper insight explosion, my specialty. 

" ... In this issue:
 * A White Paper on Finding the Sweet Spot between Neuroscience and Quantitative Research
 * Fast Company Article on Neuormarketing in the September Issue
 * Sands Research Ranked 19th in Top 50 of Innovative MR Firms
 * Shopper Insight Explosion
 * Ni Hao (Hello) Beijing - Neuromarketing in China    ...  "

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