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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kosmix and WalMart Labs

Been following the acquisition of the Kosmix search solution by Wal-Mart for some time.Now ReadWriteWeb has an article with some speculation about what it is all about.  Not a great deal of meat there, but useful thoughts.   About Wal-Mart wanting to improve its online operations and utilize social networking data.  Notable quote:  " ... Kosmix had built a Semantic Web platform called the Social Genome, which organized social media data. The platform powered 3 products: TweetBeat, a real-time social media filter for live events; Kosmix.com, a topic-based search engine; and RightHealth, a health search portal. The URLs for TweetBeat and Kosmix now re-direct to a new site called @WalmartLabs. ... "

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