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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nike Data Visualization Ad

An intriguing Nike visualization ad I had not seen before.  " ...  A new ad created by Nike might lead the way in marketers using their data in entirely an entirely new manner. The ad is based on a data visualization of 12 months worth of Nike+ run data from New York City, Digital Buzz blog writes. It is serving as a digital installation in-store ad as well as a reward for the Nike Free Run+2 City Pack Series, it says. "The reward allowed customers to sync their runs to create a custom data painting, that was provided as a high resolution print for them to take home."

Nike laser etched the runner’s name, the distance he or she ran and run path onto a custom fabricated shoe box, which contained a pair of the ‘City Pack’ shoes from their city of origin. YesYesNo NYC help create the campaign.... "

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