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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Smartphone is Listening in

A post on Apps that can listen in and determine what you are watching on TV.  We will start to see more of this sensor-based application that can understand your context in new ways.  I have discovered that I am frequently using a pad or smartphone when I watch TV, creating a 'two screen' interaction.

" ... Early reports that show consumers are indeed glued to their phones while watching TV work in the category's favor. Some 68% of all smartphone users said they use their smartphone while watching TV, according to a first-quarter Nielsen survey of more than 12,000 consumers that own a tablet, eReader, smartphones or other mobile device. The group said 20% of all time spent on smartphones was while watching TV -- that's the largest percentage of time for any activity addressed in the survey. What's more, users surf the mobile web and use apps most during the evening, overlapping with TV prime time, according to recent studies from third-party ad server MediaMind and mobile ad network Jumptap.... "

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