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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brilliance by Fulcruum

Seen at the recent Continuous Web meetings: A new online magazine by Fulcruum Publishing called Brilliance.  The Premiere issue of June 1 is called: Escaping the Echo Chamber of Noise and Nonsense.  Articles include: Why Being an Addictive Brand isn't an Option and Sweet Symbiosis of Creativity and Health.  Downloadable from their site as a PDF, I viewed it from iBooks on an iPad horizontally.  They said it can be viewed in other formats like Flipboard.

Graphically very well designed, though I would have preferred the text size to be larger in default. This kind of online magazine has no embedded links, and links are something I prefer in anything online.  I know that it is often seen as disruptive to an article to have links, but if I am on the web I want the richness of that context.  The articles I have read so far are well written, I look forward to more. 

Fulcruum positions themselves as " .... a boutique publishing company that serves career renegades like us. Our mission is to help our fellow rebels make the exhilarating transition from desk jockey to promising writer / self-publisher as we did. In essence, we are your competitive advantage - a devoted partner that demystifies the self-publishing process and manages its execution hassle-free ... "

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