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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clorox Shares Green Data with an App

The increased focus of Apps is revealing.  Note also the integration of UPC code scanning.  Here Clorox shares their green data on a smartphone App. " .... Clorox last week announced that it had developed a mobile application and website devoted to making it easier to see the chemical makeup of its products -- and what those chemicals do. The app, which will first be made available to iPhone users later this year, allows people to scan a UPC code and quickly be taken to the Ingredients Inside list for the product. The Ingredients Inside information is already available on Clorox's CSR website..... "

This kind of information would have been found by interested people via a search.  This allows Clorox to better control the information, provide science links,  while appearing very transparent.   In general is an App more authoritative than an online site?  Is that authority improved by the mobile and direct application of an in context and in place 'search' via a scan?  Exploring.

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