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Monday, June 27, 2011

E-Books and Libraries

Good overview in ReadwriteWeb:  More indications of if libraries will survive and what form they will take.  Will they be in the Cloud with the rest of us?  Or parceled out in book like pieces? How will compensation be delivered to authors and publishers?   Will reading devices be checked out as well?  Seeing that here locally.How many e-copies will a library hold?  Lots of interesting questions to consider.  " ... There have been fears on the part of many librarians that the move to digital content would harm libraries - not because of any problem with the digital format per se, but rather that some of the restrictions on their access to materials and to lending would be too onerous. However it appears as though there are a number of new pricing models for libraries and a number of lending alternatives. Patrons clearly want to borrow and read e-books, and most libraries are in the process of developing programs to make that possible ... "

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