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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can Computers Communicate Visually?

Visualization Viewpoint in IEEE Computing Now,   If they can, can we do the same working with them?
Can Computers Master the Art of Communication?   A Focus on Visual Analytics.  by Klaus Mueller, Supriya Garg, Julia EunJu Nam, Tamara Berg, and Kevin T. McDonnell

Visual analytics seeks to conduct a discourse with the user through images, to stimulate curiosity and a penchant to decipher the unknown. The computer supports the user in this interactive analytical reasoning, constructing a formal model of the given data, with the end product being formatted knowledge constituting insight. Yet, validation and refinement of this computational model of insight can occur only in the human domain expert's mind, bringing to bear possibly unformatted knowledge as well as intuition and creative thought ... "

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