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Saturday, June 25, 2011

ChromeBook: Future or the Past

I asked for a review copy of the Google Chromebook.  Still waiting.   A sleek new concept of a laptop, which contains no disk drive and little memory.  Support hardware for the Chrome browser,  with the Cloud nearby.  Samsung now has a version out.  Designed to be used when you are connected to the net.  Early versions do not have the ability to do typical things like editing documents when not connected, but that is being remedied this summer.   I assume that this will cover the kind of things that can be done with Google Docs.

Claims to be optimized for Web use, and yes the Chrome browser on my laptop is snappier than any other browser.  Similar, but heavier than a tablet, but includes a keyboard.  Similar cost to current tablets or netbooks.   They have a  library of many available apps, but not sure what kind of space that covers.   I like the general idea of a minimal system, browser based, but it fundamentally needs to be designed for the traveling user with heavy interaction needs that also wants to be up to date with useful and common business software.   Has to replace a current laptop to be broadly feasible, not just another tablet.    More in the NYTimes.

They do have corporate and education rental deals which could be intriguing.   In theory, easier to replace and maintain than other devices in the enterprise.   They are being tested with the city of Orlando.

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