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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Business Intelligence Database Management Systems

The following excellent Forrester technical report on agile BI methods:
The Dawning of the Age of BI DBMS, by Boris Evelson.
For Business Process Professionals   May 27,  2011

Does an excellent job at looking at a number of many common business intelligence packages and exploring their database features.  In particular it also notes the particularly fast and completely flexible methods known as associative memories, such as those provided by Saffron Technologies, which I am continuing to explore.  Search here for other mentions of Saffron Technologies on this blog. Executive overview  of the Forrester paper:

" We know how to address the key business intelligence (BI) challenges of the past 20 years, such as stability, robustness, and rich functionality. Agility and flexibility challenges now represent BI’s next big opportunity. Business process professionals realize that earlier-generation BI technologies and architecture, while still useful for more stable BI applications, fall short in the ever-faster race of changing business requirements. Forrester recommends embracing Agile BI methodology, best practices, and technologies to tackle agility and flexibility opportunities. Alternative database management system (DBMS) engines architected specifically for Agile BI will emerge as one of the compelling Agile BI technologies business process pros should closely evaluate and consider for specific use cases.... "

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