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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rethinking Databases for the Cloud

Some insightful thoughts about why the cloud is increasingly being thought about for enterprise database applications.   Mentioned is ParAccel,  designed in particular for difficult analytic applications, now becoming common.  " ... ParAccel's software is designed to run analytics workloads, and the sweet spot for its distributed database system is "around the 25TB range," said CTO Barry Zane ... ParAccel's customers are businesses that rely on analyzing large amounts of data, including financial services, retail and online advertising companies. One customer, interclick, uses ParAccel to analyze demographic and click-through data to let online advertising firms know which ads to display to end users, he said. It has to work in near real-time, so interclick runs an in-memory database of about 2TB on a 32-node cluster" .

Taking a closer look at this for client applications.

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