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Monday, January 02, 2017

More Language Translating with Google Home

Have been testing Google Home's language translation capabilities.  You can translate spoken words or phrases from English into a large set of target languages by simply saying the words or phrases.   Alexa can't do this currently.  

You can choose the target language by saying, for example:   'into German'  at the end of your request,  but I soon discovered that GHome will retain context, and will assume the last target language after you start the process.  Convenient.  And would be a typical conversational assumption.  Not sure how long a phrase can be, but since Google is known for translation, I would assume that is open ended.

The text results are also placed in your 'my activity' App space, so you can transcribe them from there.   The results are very good, the pronunciation is good, but not perfect (and possibly regional). Also the results that are spoken slightly too fast,  given the reasonable assumption that the recipient is not fluent.  But ...  'Hey Google, Repeat' ... works as expected.   Using other commands after the translation loses the specific language context.  Continue to explore the contextual intelligence of assistants.

List of Assistants in study.

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