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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tensorflow and PowerAI

Great to see integration of key AI software, lets also start to see excellent examples of their use with supporting data architecture.

IBM brings Google's AI tools to its Power hardware

IBM is integrating the open-souce TensorFlow into its PowerAI toolkit
By Agam Shah  

Google has cool technology to recognize images and speech, and IBM's hardware can diagnose diseases. ... Combine the two, and you get a powerful computer with serious brains.

IBM is merging Google's artificial intelligence tools with its own cognitive computing technologies, allowing deep-learning systems to more accurately find answers to complex questions or recognize images or voices.

Google's open-source TensorFlow machine-learning tools are being packed into IBM's PowerAI, which is a toolkit for computer learning. The two can be combined to improve machine learning on IBM's Power servers.

A computer learns as more data fed into its system, much like how a human learns. PowerAI and TensorFlow tools can help track patterns and classify data, and spit out approximate answers to queries. The answers will be more accurate as a computer learns more.  .... " 

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