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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let Alexa Scan Paper Abstracts for You

Alexa gets Meta, finds you the latest AI research
The Echo bot can find the 50 latest papers and read you the summaries.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent  in Endgadget. 

I examined this.  Simply and nicely done.  If you want to scan the abstracts of newly published papers in your field, here is a way to do it. The domain example used is Machine Learning, the skill is called arxvML, the full code is published for free, and I imagine could be adapted for any domain with some work.    Probably best for scanning abstracts, not sure if Alexa will do a good job of reading equations to you, or you will understand them spoken.

   Also likely works where you have to get alerted to many things, constantly changing, hands or full attention-free.  As in most skills, the verbal interface is a bit rocky, needs to be learned, and implies that what you are doing is very valuable or time-saving.    Could see this done for other kinds of segmented and context intelligent podcasts?   Thinking of other examples.

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