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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Google Testing D-Wave Quantum Computing

A recent article led me to this arxiv.org paper abstract.  (Technical)  Using the D-Wave hardware.  Are the methods being shown real quantum computing?   Points to how Google is testing it.  This relates to some of our own experimentation.  Its often useful for finding global approximate optimums.  I do note the caution about global interactions and real-world problems:   " ... A recent Google study [Phys. Rev. X, 6:031015 (2016)] compared a D-Wave 2X quantum processing unit (QPU) to two classical Monte Carlo algorithms: simulated annealing (SA) and quantum Monte Carlo (QMC). The study showed the D-Wave 2X to be up to 100 million times faster than the classical algorithms. The Google inputs are designed to demonstrate the value of collective multiqubit tunneling, a resource that is available to D-Wave QPUs but not to simulated annealing. But the computational hardness in these inputs is highly localized in gadgets, with only a small amount of complexity coming from global interactions, meaning that the relevance to real-world problems is limited.  ... "  

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