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Monday, January 30, 2017

Differential Event Models

Having been a long time practitioner of simulation using events, this immediately attracted me  to this description.   Technical.  Thinking how this can be used, have not completely understood it yet.   Interesting too are the kinds of applications mentioned.

Crosswave Differential Event Model    Posted by Don Philip Faithful
I have been writing about the Crosswave Differential Algorithm for a number of years. I described in previous blogs how the algorithm emerged almost by accident while I was attempting to write an application intended to support quality control. In this blog I will be discussing the event model that powers the algorithm. Events are the details and circumstances surrounding the numbers used in calculations. A metric such as revenues might be disconnected from the ideas and circumstances that brought about purchasing decisions. Events provide the story behind the numbers. However, there are an infinitesimal number of events. It is necessary to recognize those events might later be found relevant. An "event model" is the means by which event selection occurs. .... " 

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