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Monday, January 16, 2017

Trends in Digital Transformation

Four Trends in Digital Transformation

In  CustomerThink by Jacob Morgan

If one of the main goals of the future of work is to increase productivity and collaboration, there’s a great place to start: digital transformation. Many companies are embarking on a digital transformation in an effort to connect employees and customers around the world digitally. The future of work and digital transformation are both vital to each other’s success, and they can work together to help organizations prepare for a new wave in the workforce. A digital transformation can provide employees the tools they need to create the best work environment for the future.

Digital transformation builds on the current state of global connectivity and can include a wide variety of features. However, according to Adam Warby, CEO of global technology solutions firm Avanade, there are four main trends being seen in digital transformations across industries:  .... " 

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