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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jill Watson at Ga Tech

Have worked with many TA's myself, so this is interesting.  It also relates to chatbots too, lessons to are to be learned here.   As in all tests of this type I wonder about the difference between providing value to someone versus fooling them.  Not the same thing. The goal can sculpt the results.    Read the full piece.

Jill Watson, Round Three.
The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is beginning its third semester using a virtual teaching assistant (TA) system, called Jill Watson, in an online course about artificial intelligence (AI).

Jill, which is implemented on IBM's Watson platform, was first used last spring to successfully answer particular types of frequently asked questions without the help of humans.

Georgia Tech professor Ashok Goel told the students at the beginning of the semester some of their TAs may or may not be computers. "Then I watched the chat rooms for months as they tried to differentiate between human and artificial intelligence," Goel says.   ... " 

Full list of advisory systems being followed.

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