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Friday, January 27, 2017

Virtualitics for VR Analytics

Newly brought to my attention:  Virtualitics.  Bringing VR to Analytics. Another thing we experimented with.  More specifics and tests will follow.  In Beta:

" ... We have built the first platform to merge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Next generation data analytics ... Visualize and understand your data as never before thanks to our innovative use of VR/AR, Machine Learning and Natural Language.

Shared Virtual Office (SVO)
Collaborative and fully customizable shared space where you can analyze data and present and discuss insights.

Fast, Reliable, Smart, Secure
Complete your tasks in a tenth of the time needed with traditional software and take advantage of smart routines.

Machine Learning and Natural Language
Smart mapping based on Machine Learning and Natural Language that summarizes the key patterns in the data. ..... " 

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