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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beyond Big Data to Complex Systems

Well written challenge to when big data doesn't work, and an intro to complex systems.

When Big Data Isn’t Enough    Alex Woodie

The big data paradigm has changed how we make decisions. Armed with sophisticated machine learning and deep learning algorithms that can identify correlations hidden within huge data sets, big data has given us a powerful new tool to predict the future with uncanny accuracy and disrupt entire industries. But what if data alone isn’t enough? What if some decisions can’t be based just on data?

That may sound like a heresy to people who have devoted themselves to the religion of data, to the business leaders who have declared their allegiance to making data-driven decisions. Sure, there may be obstacles to overcome, such as data cleanliness, governance, and security concerns. But armed with enough data, one can solve any challenge, they say. Just look at the results. Right?  ... " 

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