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Monday, January 02, 2017

Fielding a Hundred Thousand Questions

Via O'Reilly.   We did something similar when creating our Extempo bot system, but only included a few hundred questions.  Nice to see Microsoft pushing research with this.    How many parameterized questions does a human ask in normal conversation?   How does this relate to context? To get to useful answers?  Good, largly non-technical article.  If you are at all interested in bot like interaction, worth a look.  Thinking of feeding selected elements of this through some current assistants.

100,000 questions (and answers)
Microsoft has released a set of 100,000 questions and answers that you can use to create AI systems that can read and answer questions as well as a human. The team behind the dataset hopes that releasing it will spur the kind of breakthroughs in machine reading that are already happening in image and speech recognition.  ... " 

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