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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Scan and Go Again

Scan and Go Again  In Retailwire.

by Matthew Stern with expert comments.

Some ideas were ahead of their time and that’s how Walmart appears to see its Scan & Go mobile app. The retailer is bringing the discontinued mobile checkout app back into the pilot phase.

Walmart began a pilot run of the reintroduced app in a single store in Rogers, Arkansas, according to Tech Times. The app, released to the Google Play store on January 9, enables shoppers to scan the barcodes of items with their smartphones as they put them in their baskets. They then check out via mobile shopping cart and need only present their receipt to leave the store. The app also keeps a running tally of the cost of groceries, so shoppers can track their spending throughout their shopping trips.

The first run of Walmart’s Scan & Go app began in September of 2012 and was eventually expanded to a few hundred stores. Walmart shut down the pilot in 2014 because customers in the test locations could not figure out how to use it.  .... " 

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