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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3D Data Optimization by Simplygon

Interesting play,  taking a close look.    Initially used for game applications, and I expect further used for dealing with multiple dimensional data in interactive 3D displays and virtual reality.  Design applications are likely early applicatinos.   Good examples at the Simplygon site.  In ZdNet: 

Microsoft acquires 3D data-optimization vendor Simplygon
Microsoft's latest acquisition, 3D data-optimization vendor Simplygon, is part of Redmond's strategy to make 3D part of future users' experiences.    By Mary Jo Foley

" .... Simplygon will help Microsoft simplify the process of capturing, creating, and sharing information in 3D, Tsunoda said. The Simplygon technology will complement the new Paint 3D application (codenamed "Beihai") and new online creator community, Remix3D.com.

Simplygon was developed by Donya Labs AB in Sweden, a company developing "automatic 3D data-optimization solutions." .... ' 

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