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Monday, January 23, 2017

An AI on the Board

Is this even close to reasonable?  Depends how you define them ....   You could make the case that computers run many companies, but at a low level.   They provide information that leads to logic, that is exercised (mostly) to lead to decisions being made.  Course,  boards operate in very different ways ... and often cannot be said to actually 'run' the company the way a operations manager does.  Examples of apparent close coupling below are very interesting.

Could An AI Robot Run Your Company?    by Bernard Marr    

Robots — or more specifically, artificial intelligence — have become a major part of our modern, connected lives. We ask Siri for recommendations on where to eat, ask Google for directions to the restaurant, ask our car to play music or make a phone call, ask our house to turn on the lights and the heat before we get home.

But would you let an AI robot run your company?

One already does. Deep Knowledge Ventures, a Hong Kong-based life science venture capital company, has already appointed an AI robot to its board of directors. The robot, called Vital (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) was designed to analyze trends in the data of certain companies in an effort to predict successful investments.

Vital is an equal member of the board and is expected to eventually be given an equal vote in all financial decisions made by the company.  .... " 

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