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Monday, January 23, 2017

Areas of AI to Watch

Very good piece by Nathan Benaich,  Covers at the right Tech savvy management-introductory level a number of AI oriented techniques.  I like these because each is more problem than technology facing.  Also brings in practical decision approaches we used in operations research.   Sections on each of these, have used a number of these, though sometimes under different names.   Note the less data article, critical.

Reinforcement Learning  
Generative Models
Networks with Memory
Learning from Less Data  and Building Small models  (Transfer Learning) 
Hardware for Training and Inference
Simulation Environments

Mentions of many companies and researchers involved in each area,  largely non-technical descriptions of each area.   Good read for all with strong interest in this area.

Nathan has " ...  an analytical digest of artificial intelligence and machine learning news from the technology industry, research lab and venture capital market  ...  ".     Link to it in the article,  I have subscribed.

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