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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Inventory Sensing Refrigerators

A topic we took up in innovation.  Below repeated in the Verge.     If you could determine inventory and predict usage.   You could just reorder goods.  Of course the frig is not the only storage place in the kitchen.    So some suggested that you could RFID scan things as you discarded/recycled their packaging.  Several such 'smart' trashcans were marketed.   Samsung has a frig now, apparently for sale,  definitely very expensive, that says it can solve the inventory problem.    Given Amazon's recent efforts, like the Dash Button, would think that they would be interested in the approach.  Does the consumer want this?   Or does that really matter?   In The Verge: 

Wanted: An Amazon fridge that automatically reorders food
 January 18th, 2017  by Thomas Ricker .... 

See also, The FridgeCam.

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