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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Packaging and the Internet of Things

Packaging was always been an interest of our innovation group.  Elements of integrating packaging and the net have been talked for a long time.   It is starting to happen in interesting ways.  In Adage:

Packaging Deals Bring Internet of Things to Crackers, Hairspray and Tomato Paste   By Kate Kaye.
Headlines about connected products often hype the latest consumer electronics, seemingly out-of-reach home appliances, and the occasional internet-enabled bottle of whisky. In the past year, however, the near future of connected products became decidedly more mundane. Recent partnerships have begun the process of turning everyday items from hairspray to tomato paste into digitized, identifiable, data-generators that can be tracked from the factory to the pallet to the store to the consumer. ... " 

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