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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Mercedes Silicon Valley Research Center

Excerpt.  Mercedes is known for interesting work,  see the tag below for more posts on them.   Considering the volume of data involved

Inside Mercedes' Silicon Valley research center
A tour of the automaker’s future, and sometimes weird, innovations.
 by Roberto Baldwin.   Excerpt:

" .... Another important aspect of self-driving cars is that the computers needed to keep them on the road not only have to learn and react but actually see what's going on. Most automakers use Lidar to scan the surrounding world with lasers to create a vast pixel map. The amount of data created by all those pinpoints is staggering. Mercedes thinks it's solved the problem of trying to crunch all that information by joining blocks of pixels to create single objects. So instead of an automobile trying to decipher 500,000 pixels, the car has to figure out the location of only 1,000 object-specific rectangles called "Stixels." Each Stixel can be a person, car or object and is assigned a color based on how close it is to the vehicle.  ... " 

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