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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

LG Announces Hub Robot Assistant

Note this uses Alexa's Voice recognition.  Another embedding example.  Article includes video.  Note the claimed use of facial recognition to differentiate household members.  This is unique. In Mashable: 

LG's new robot helpers are cute and friendly AF   by Karissa Bell
The Korean company showcased two Hub Robots, an Airport Guide Robot and an airport cleaning robot at CES Wednesday.

Sort of like a robot butler, the Hub Robot can control your Wi-Fi connected appliances, so it can preheat your oven and tell you when your food is done. ... Also available in a smaller "Mini" version, the Hub Robot has an interactive display that shows information about what it's doing, like checking the weather or starting your next load of laundry.

It uses Amazon's Alexa voice recognition technology to listen to commands and has facial recognition abilities to distinguish between different members of the household. 

The robot is also trained to use simple body language like nodding when answering questions and keeps track of when people enter and leave the house. ... LG didn't announce pricing or availability for the Hub Robot, so no word on when we might actually see it in homes. .... " 

List of assistants covered.

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