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Monday, December 05, 2022

Recent Game playing example


Games can be useful to test learning and alternative process options.

Why Researchers Are Teaching AI to Play Minecraft    By Popular Science, December 2, 2022

Nuclear power plant model made in Minecraft An artist's approximation of a nuclear power plant model made in Minecraft.  Using Video Pre-Training (VPT),the new AI program could construct items in Minecraft previously unattainable to bots reliant only on reinforcement learning.

OpenAI has developed a Minecraft-playing bot that can build pixelated tools and buildings in the game that require more than 20,000 consecutive actions via a combination of imitation and reinforcement learning. The bot, trained on 70,000 hours of human gameplay, is the first to build "diamond tools," which take human players 20 minutes and 24,000 actions, on average, to construct.

Imitation learning requires each step to be hand-labeled, but the researchers used a separate neural network to handle labeling via Video Pre-Training....  The researchers said the use of imitation and reinforcement learning in combination could pave the way for advancements in self-driving vehicles and nuclear fusion research.

From Popular Science    

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