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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Microscale 3D Printer for Multi-Level Anticounterfeiting Labels

Counterfeiting often a big deal in retail.

 Microscale 3D Printer for Multi-Level Anticounterfeiting Labels

University of Hong Kong, December 13, 2022

University of Hong Kong (HKU) engineers designed a microscale three-dimensional (3D) printing method for fabricating anticounterfeiting labels that can encrypt more digital data than two-dimensional labels. HKU's Jihyuk Yang said the researchers used diphenylalanine (FF) as the encryption medium because of its piezoelectrical and optical birefringence properties. HKU's Ji Tae Kim said the methodology integrates with molecular self-assembly to "print multi-segmented 3D FF micro-pixels with programmed crystallinity for high-density data encryption. By utilizing different responses of the amorphous and crystalline segments to polarized light, a tiny single 3D pixel can encrypt a multi-digit binary code consisting of '0' and '1.'"  ... ' 

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