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Friday, December 30, 2022

IISc Scientists Build Energy-Efficient Computing Platforms

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IISc Scientists Build Energy-Efficient Computing Platforms to Beat Power Deficit

TechCircle, December 2, 2022

An energy-efficient computing platform developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) uses memristors based on metal-organic complexes to reduce the number of necessary components in a circuit. IISc's Sreetosh Goswami said, "We have now discovered a molecular circuit element that can capture complex logic functions within itself, facilitating in-memory computations in a smaller number of time steps and using much fewer elements than usual." Performing computation and storage at the same physical location helps reduce computing energy needs. A circuit potentially could be adapted for multiple functions via small chemical modifications, such as adding or swapping ions in the complexes. Compared to a traditional complementary metal-oxide semiconductor circuit, the researchers said the new platform was 47 times more energy-efficient, 93 times faster, and took up only 9% of its physical footprint. ... '

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