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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Banning Your Enemies

 Intriguing play, enemies, or some lesser or even arbitrary qualification?  Note is different than making a mistaken identification.   Is a safety based ban OK? 

Madison Square Garden Uses Facial Recognition to Ban Its Owner's Enemies

The New York Times,  Kashmir Hill; Corey Kilgannon, December 23, 2022

MSG Entertainment has put lawyers who represent people suing it on an “exclusion list,” using facial-recognition technology to keep them out of Madison Square Garden and other venues it owns in New York City. A city law introduced last year requires commercial establishments to notify customers when biometric technologies are in use. Signs at MSG venues inform patrons that the technology is in place “to ensure the safety of everyone.” High-tech surveillance by government is already common in the city. Its Police Department, for example, uses facial recognition and drones. But MSG's use of technology crosses a line, say critics. Said the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Adam Schwartz, “It raises the question of what's going to come next. Will companies use facial recognition to keep out all the people who have picketed the business or criticized them online with a negative Yelp review?"

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