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Friday, December 23, 2022

'Jetson' Robots in Hospitals

What exactly is the Jetson Style?   How will people react? 


Jetsons-Style Robots Invading Chicago-Area Hospitals

By Chicago Tribune, December 21, 2022

Hospital staffers hold elevator doors for a Moxi robot.

Moxi robots deliver medication and shuttle supplies and small pieces of equipment across three Chicago-area hospitals. ... ' 

Roughly human in shape, Moxi robots have been deployed in at least three Chicago-area hospitals amid a shortage of medical workers.

Developed by Diligent Robotics and leased by the hospitals via subscription, the robots deliver medication and transport supplies and small pieces of equipment throughout the facilities.

Nurses summon the robot by entering requests into an application on a tablet; when it arrives, they show their badge to a detector so they can open any of Moxi's three drawers to insert items before dispatching the unit on its task.

Moxi uses sensors to navigate and has a single arm to push buttons to open doors.

The concept is to have Moxi give nurses more time to care for patients, rather than having them convey items across the hospital.

From Chicago Tribune

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