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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Facial Recognition Technology Scans Your Ear

 First I have seen of this approach, reasonable.

Facial Recognition Technology Scans Your Ear

UGA Today, Olivia Randall, December 8, 2022

University of Georgia (UGA) scientists have created an ear recognition system that can authenticate individuals with up to 97.25% accuracy. The researchers said ear shapes are unique to an individual, and for the most part they remain unchanged by age. UGA's Thirimachos Bourlai said the ear recognition software operates similarly to facial recognition, capturing and saving multiple ear scans for authentication. The software uses an ear recognition algorithm to assess and ascertain if the scans are suitable for automated matching. The researchers tested the software's tolerance for busy images by evaluating several models, using ear images distorted by noise factors like varying blurriness, brightness, and contrast. ... '

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