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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Merlin AI Launches First ChatGPT iOS and Android Mobile App

MerlinAI and IOS For a ChatGPT  

Merlin AI Launches First ChatGPT iOS and Android Mobile App

ERIC HAL SCHWARTZ on December 23, 2022 

Mobile app developer Dogtown Media has introduced what it claims is the first iOS and Android app using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.  The free Merlin AI app offers a way to interact with the ChatGPT AI, without navigating to the website. However, OpenAI hasn’t yet offered an API for ChatGPT. Unless OpenAI gave Dogtown Media special access to an otherwise unavailable API, the app either acts as a messenger between the user and ChatGPT’s online home, or the app uses GPT-3 or GPT-3.5 API and the marketing is just capitalizing on ChatGPT’s popularity. We’ve reached out to Dogtown for clarification on the matter.


At first glance, the Merlin AI app is a very straight recreation of ChatGPT with a simple blank area to type requests. One notable difference is that the response comes all at once in a block rather than simulating a very fast typer the way ChatGPT performs on the website. The conversational element is there too as the AI responds in the context of the ongoing discussion and the entire conversation is visible in the app. Dogtown envisions Merlin AI’s mobile ChatGPT as a potential replacement for Google search, using conversation instead of links to other pages with answers.

“Until now, no native mobile app for OpenAI’s ChatGPT has existed. Merlin AI, powered by ChatGPT, has the capability to disrupt the global economic order in record time, changing how we interface with each other in business and our personal lives,” Dogtown Media CEO Marc Fischer said in a statement. “People across the globe can now download the most pivotal natural language ChatBot App ever made and jump into the AI conversation.” ... ' 

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