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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Virtual Clothes Could Help Solve Fashion's Waste Problem

I Worked more on cleansing clothes rather than creating them.  Note Blockchain use.  Phygital.  Hmmm.  

Virtual Clothes Could Help Solve Fashion's Waste Problem

By CNN, December 23, 2022

On Phygital fashions.

Lablaco wants to use digital tools to revolutionize the fashion industry.The fashion industry is tapping digital technologies to cut waste and modernize.

Italian fashion platform Lablaco is using blockchain to digitize fashion houses and brands' collections in the "phygital" market, when customers purchase both a physical fashion item and its digital twin.

Lablaco's model keeps phygital items paired after sale so if a physical item is resold, the digital version goes to the new owner's digital wallet.

Blockchain's transparency assures the new owner of the apparel's authenticity, while its creator can track its aftersales journey.

Lablaco's Eliana Kuo said digital spaces could serve as a testbed for physical clothing by using sales data to inform real-world marketing.

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