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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Will a Spot Robot Make LA Safer?

No, and it won't even get the chance to.  See SF's attempt to do something similar. 

See Spot Spy? New Generation of Police Robots Faces Backlash

Los Angeles Times, Libor Jan; Gregory Yee,  December 21, 2022

Critics are eyeing the deployment of more sophisticated robots by U.S. police forces with suspicion, fearing their use for surveillance and potential threat to privacy and safety. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department intends to purchase a Spot robot from manufacturer Boston Dynamics to reportedly gather information in a "narrow set" of hazardous circumstances. This provoked opposition, as did recent attempts by San Francisco police to deploy weaponized robots in certain scenarios. The University of South Carolina's Geoff Alpert said the core issue is not whether police should use robots, but how police overseers should craft policies to guide their use. The University of California, Davis' Elizabeth Joh said local officials' "piecemeal efforts" to rein in police use of robots have mostly failed to keep pace with the technology's evolution, citing "increasing reliance by police on machine-made decisions."

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