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Monday, December 12, 2022

Earth's Poles Flipping?

The linked article below claims that NASA has detected an increase in the wandering of the earth's magnetic poles.  Ultimately this can produce what is called a 'Laschamp Event' or flipping of the poles.  This actually happened last about 41,000 year ago, as measured by physical effects in lava flows.  It appears to occur about every 250K years, with considerable variance.  The potential considerable negative effects are outlined in the piece below.  This would seem to be much more difficult to stop, since it is based on the earth's magnetic field and content,  than redirecting an asteroid.    Based on what I know a reasonable article.  Further examining  - FAD

Article in Youtube:    https://youtu.be/8M1givE6Gh8

Earths Poles Flipping?

NASA Announced That They Are Monitoring a Huge Escalating Anomaly In Earth's Magnetic Field

74,176 views  Dec 11, 2022

Many people have come to depend on the Earth's magnetic field even without realizing it! Your phone is able to perform some basic functions, like directing you while driving to your destination. However, a catastrophic event is threatening to render life-saving tasks like this impossible: the flipping of the Earth's poles! Why are the Earth's poles flipping? What are the consequences, and how can you cope with it? In this video, we dive into the Earth's poles flipping, which has many people worried as it is happening! There are many things that shape your daily life, even without you realizing it. Thanks   to   science   and   technology,   we   have   come   to   rely   on   many   natural phenomena that are not apparent to the naked eye! The Earth's magnetic poles are an example, and this has a lot to do with the Earth's magnetic field! But what is the Earth's magnetic field, and where did it come from?

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