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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

New Quantum Computing Advance

New Advances? , Considerably technical ..

 Advance Brings Quantum Computing One Step Closer to Implementation

University of Tokyo (Japan), October 24, 2022

Two ion-electronic hybrid systems able to cool and measure the motion of an electron were developed by researchers at Japan's University of Tokyo (UTokyo). Both systems featured a vacuum-trapped electron that interacted with superconducting circuits and a trapped ion; ions and electrons that are trapped together move toward each other due to Coulomb attraction. The electron's light mass yielded a strong attraction in both an electron-superconducting circuit and an electron-ion coupled system, and the researchers could control the electron's temperature using microwave fields and optical lasers. The researchers also measured their calculations via a single-phonon readout and ground-state cooling. "With the feasibility of quantum-level control of the motion of trapped electrons, the trapped electron becomes more promising and attractive for quantum-technology applications, such as quantum computing," said UTokyo's Alto Osada.  ... ' 

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