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Friday, December 23, 2022

Process Allows 3D Printing of Microscale Metallic Parts

Aimed at very small parts.

Process Allows 3D Printing of Microscale Metallic Parts

California Institute of Technology

Robert Perkins, November 30, 2022

California Institute of Technology engineers have three-dimensionally (3D)-printed pure multicomponent metals at an order of magnitude smaller than previously achieved. The technique forgoes writing metals directly in favor of printing a hydrogel as a scaffold for metal-impregnated liquid precursors. Light from a low-powered ultraviolet lamp causes liquid polymers to harden, which when patterned can create desired microscopic shapes. The researchers infuse metal salts dissolved in water into the hydrogel scaffolds, then burn away the hydrogel portion to leave the metal intact. The heat causes shrinkage, enabling the researchers to 3D-print metal alloys and multicomponent metallic systems about 40 microns in size. ...'

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