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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Helicopter on Mars

 Evan Ackerman talks the remarkable success of the Mars helicopter Perseverance. Nicely done NASA.  The idea of a detachable drone shows its power of application,  A means of managing opportunistic data gathering in very unordered spaces.

Mars Helicopter Just Keeps on Going 

Maybe NASA’s little Martian flyer should be the one called Perseverance   By Evan ACKERMAN

The original mission of the Mars Helicopter (named Ingenuity) was to successfully complete a single 30-second long flight on Mars. That happened back in April. After several more successful flights, Ingenuity’s 30-day mission came to an end, but the helicopter was doing so well that NASA decided to keep it flying. Several months later, JPL promised that Ingenuity would “complete flight operations no later than the end of August,” but as of late November, the little helicopter has completed 17 flights with no sign of slowing down. ... ' 

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