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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Attackers Bypass Coinbase, MetaMask 2FA via TeamViewer

Interesting connection with TeamViewer,   Security in Meta?

 Attackers Bypass Coinbase, MetaMask 2FA via TeamViewer


Bill Toulas, November 21, 2022

Anti-phishing company PIXM found scammers are waging a phishing campaign to pilfer cryptocurrency by accessing the Coinbase, MetaMask, Crypto.com, and KuCoin exchanges through the circumvention of two-factor authentication (2FA) safeguards. The attackers exploit the Microsoft Azure Web Apps service to host a network of phishing websites that entice victims to enter. When victims visit one of the phishing sites, a scammer-controlled customer support chat window leads them through a defrauding process. The attack involves a fake form followed by a prompt, then progresses to a prompt requesting the 2FA code for accessing the account. The hackers persuade victims to download and install a "TeamViewer" remote access app to bypass authentication.  ... 

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