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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Tech Shame?

Interesting Observation

Gen Z Overwhelmed by 'Tech Shame' at Work

Fortune, Chloe Berger, December 15, 2022

An HP survey of 10,000 office workers worldwide found Generation Z employees are most likely to feel technological frustration at work, with 20% of younger respondents feeling judged for having technology issues, versus one in 25 older-generation workers. The survey also found Gen Z employees to be 10 times more likely to feel shame when encountering such issues than those older than 40. HP's Debbie Irish said this "tech shame" might be related to an inability to afford better gear or Wi-Fi as senior co-workers can. Irish also said Gen Z employees "have less face-to-face time in the office than any other generation, and have limited access to senior employees, mentors, and even their bosses."   ... '

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