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Thursday, September 02, 2021

Regulatory Hurdles for AI Autonomous Cars

 Good piece.

The Key Regulatory Hurdles Facing AI Autonomous Cars 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider   

You might be surprised to learn that there is a regulatory enigma of sorts that surrounds and engulfs the advent of AI-based self-driving cars.   

How so?   

Nobody is quite sure what to make of the beast, as it were, in terms of what size and shape of regulatory rules and legal oversight is best warranted for the emergence of self-driving cars.   

Some emphatically insist that we should live and let live, meaning that the marketplace should decide how, where, when, why, and other crucial elements about the deployment of self-driving cars. Others exhort that this is a high-tech innovation that abundantly needs and altogether requires demonstrative legislative controls and strict guidance (it is, after all, akin to a computer on wheels).   

Some reside at nearly polar opposites of what should be done. 

In addition, some sit somewhere in between and are trying to find some agreeable middle ground. One thing that most everyone acknowledges is that self-driving cars are important, and they are especially notable since they involve clear-cut life-or-death kinds of considerations.   

Cars by their very nature are intertwined with life and death.   

We ought to acknowledge that right upfront. We make use of cars on our public roadways. They are an essential form of transportation. Plus, our society has culturally ingrained itself into cars as more than simply a transit option. Car driving is depicted in our movies and TV shows. People discuss cars and the driving of cars as regularly and routinely as they discuss the clothes they wear or what kind of food they eat.   

Teenagers see the driving of a car as a key step toward adulthood and bask in the freedom they can inure by being able to drive a car.  For teens, possessing a driver’s license is a huge source of personal identity and illuminates their rites of passage into the world as independent beings. There has been a tad bit of waning on this heretofore life monumental heralding as some newbie drivers decide to wait to drive, but the preponderance is still in effect.   ....'

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