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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Netflix Advances

Being a longtime techie, but have been fairly late to services like Netflix.     Been impressed though in how they deliver a vast amount of goods and attract lots of people.  Less impressed by the quality of the goods.   Huge amounts of cheesiness and downright depravity.   But then I am probably not their main demographic.  Do they care, or are so many people aboard its all OK? 

Was also a revelation about how Google does this with YouTube.     In the past had used it primarily as a means to share video in tech.    At least they take to a much larger breadth, and you can easily sculpt to you tastes.   Article below discuses where Netflix is taking it, more breadth and participation ideas,

Playlists and podcasts? Netflix is exploring developing ‘N-Plus’  in Protocol

In a survey, Netflix is asking users how they would feel about a "future online space" called N-Plus.

Custom TV show playlists? In memoriam pages? They're all things that Netflix is weighing for "N-Plus," a project it describes as a "future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows and things related to them."

In a survey sent to users, including Protocol reporter Biz Carson, Netflix queried people about a wide range of features and content, including podcasts, user-generated playlists, how-tos and more. "N-Plus is a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them," the survey said.

Contacted by Protocol, a Netflix spokesperson said that the survey was part of regular efforts to poll its audience on things the company was exploring, but said that it didn't have anything further to share for now.

Netflix has long produced behind-the-scenes interviews, podcasts and other supporting content to promote its originals, and shared it through YouTube, Instagram and other platforms; examples for this include its Netflix Family Instagram account or Strong Black Lead Twitter following. The survey now suggests that the company may double down on those promotional efforts, while also adding some additional social features. .... ' 

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