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Sunday, September 05, 2021

IKEA Shanghai Concept Store Goes for Makers, Innovation ... Less Maze

Nice thoughts, will it work effectively?

Can IKEA’s store layout still amaze without a maze?   by Matthew Stern  with further expert commentary.   in Retailwire.

Customers have long associated IKEA with the experience with traversing a labyrinth of furniture and home décor, and often walking out with more than they anticipated because of it. Now IKEA may be ditching the maze in favor of a layout it considers to be even more immersive.

A test IKEA store concept in Shanghai, China will feature spaces for customers to lounge around and relax, hang out with social media influencers, take selfies and even participate in workshops where they can make and repair products, according to The Guardian.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Shanghai location includes cushioned, theater-like space, a restaurant that showcases sustainable food practices and a “Maker’s Hub” where staff help customers repair old and build new items, alongside showrooms and a shop for small items.

The Shanghai store will represent the second test of this store concept, which was also introduced in Poland. Last week, IKEA also opened a compact store in Vienna designed for urban markets comprising five stories and a rooftop café. ... ' 

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